About The Company

A company with a simple mission: Improve the quality of online learning. Punk Learning founder, Mark Lassoff, has been involved in online learning for about 10 years. A popular conference speaker and author, Lassoff, has challenged eLearning developers to raise the bar and improve the quality of their learning content. In 2016 Lassoff decided to take up his own challenge and create a company that would help "raise the bar" in the eLearning community.

Offering live and online courses designed specifically for those who develop online learning, Punk Learning helps online learning developers raise the bar by teaching the latest software and techniques used by eLearning professionals.

Fighting for a world without terrible Powerpoint, review our site and see how Punk Learning can help you create more engaging, high-quality learning content.

Our Punks

Meet the Punk Learning team's team of experienced online learning pros.


Mark Lassoff Founder & President

Mark has been involved in corporate technical training and course production for over 15 years. He creates much of the content for Punk Academy's courses, blog and web site. Mark speaks world-wide on online learning and tech. He has been a featured speaker at several conferences including South by Southwest. He lives in coastal Connecticut.


Kevin Hernandez Cofounder & Vice President

Kevin Hernandez grew up in Central Connecticut. He joined LearnToProgram Media after high school and quickly learned the art and craft of digital production. He runs all of the video, web and course production for Punk Learning. Kevin is the proud father of three cats and one dog.

Wendy- Square2

Wendy Curtis Business Manager

Wendy brings years of administrative experience to the Punk Learning team. Wendy is in charge of accounting, administration and often interacts with Pink Learning clients. Wendy lives with her husband Tony and beloved German Shepard Shelby.