Preview Photoshop Production for Online Learning Course Bundle

Punk Learning is offering a FREE look at a few of the lessons offered in our Photoshop Production for Online Learning course.

The course contains six modules and over separate lessons. Each course module takes about an hour to complete and teaches a distinct Photoshop skillset designed to improve the quality of your online course production. Courses with higher production value will keep students more engaged and make them more likely to purchase additional courses.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the lessons offered in Photoshop Production for Online Learning:

1) Creating Lower Thirds

In the Creating Lower Thirds section, you’ll learn the process to create great looking lower third graphics that can be used with any number of online learning content delivery methods. Lower thirds increase learner engagement and make video content more interesting.

The video clip featured here shows you how to use text on your lower third graphics.

2) Removing Backgrounds

The video clip featured here teaches you the quick selection and magic wand tools in Photoshop.

You can create visually stunning video content by knowing how to remove the background from an image. In the Removing Backgrounds section, you’ll learn to cut just about anything out of its background and use that to create an entirely new composition.

3) Typography

Featured in this video clip is Mark Lassoff covering the basics of the text reflection effect in Photoshop.

In the Typography section, you'll learn to introduce professional typography into your courses using Photoshop. Strong typography is easier to read and can make your online learning content more engaging for learners. Typography techniques in Photoshop will give your courses the edge they need to beat the competition.

4) Green Screen Backdrops

In the Green Screen Backdrops section, you'll learn to create engaging green screen backgrounds for your courses using Photoshop. With this skill, you’ll be able to increase learner engagement with dynamic and visually stunning green screen backgrounds.

The video clip featured here teaches you the process to create animated background loops.

5) Creating Lecture Slides

The video clip featured here demonstrates the watercolor effect in Photoshop and how it can be applied to your lecture slides.

In the Creating Lecture Slides section, you'll learn the process to compose visually engaging slides for your online learning content. The course covers the basics of slide design and typography and introduces a number of effects you can create in Photoshop to improve the quality of your lecture slides.

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