Everyone loves free resources. Here are 33 free resources that you can use to make more engaging, visually stunning online learning presentations.

#1 PSD Covers

PSD Covers.PNG

You can use this to turn 2D images into 3D graphics using Photoshop. Very cool free resource.


#2 10 Free Realistic Room Backgrounds

Room Backgrounds 2.PNG

Ever need backgrounds that look like home surfaces? Marble, wood, flooring, and more is available in this free download.


#3 COLOURlovers

Colour Lovers 3.PNG

Don’t waste time trying to find the perfect color combination -- visit COLOURlovers and choose from one of their many well designed palettes.


#4 Free Music Archive

Music can add a new, engaging element to your online learning content. Free Music Archive contains hundreds of free tracks of every imaginable genre.


#5 Free Images

Free stock images. Over 16,000 of them. What else is there to say?


#6 1001 Free Fonts

Need some new typography to make your presentation edgier? Look no further than 1001 Free Fonts, where you’ll find just what you’re expecting, organized by theme.


#7 Free Video Editor

Simple, fast video editor that allows you to trim and cut files without losing quality by re-encoding.


#8 Paint.Net

Editing graphics has never been easier with Paint.Net. Originally built as an alternative to Microsoft Paint, it has grown into a capable photo editor.


#9 ColorPic

This free tool will let you pick any color on your screen. You can use this in conjunction with COLOURlovers to quickly pick colors from the theme you want, without the hassle of copying hexadecimal codes.


#10 Free Video Converter

For all your video conversion needs, Free Video Converter gets the job done hassle-free.


#11 Free Logo Maker

Don’t go messing around in Paint trying to create a logo for your company. Free Logo Maker gives you the tools to drum up your own design in a simple sandbox interface.


#12 Free Teleprompter

Free, web-based teleprompter with no gimmicks. Just enter your text and you’re good to go.


#13 Free Quality Presentation Templates

This resource has free presentation templates that you can import right into Google Slides. You can search by category and see previews of each template.


#14 Free Intro Music

A few brief tracks designed to be the perfect accompaniment to your video intros.


#15 Lightworks

Lightworks is one of the most powerful video editors out there -- and luckily for us, they offer a free version which will be as capable as you’ll need for your video editing.


#16 CamStudio

CamStudio is a lightweight screen recording application. It’s probably in your best interest to try this out before spending money on a more expensive program.


#17 Free Vectors, Photos, and PSD Downloads

All your graphic needs can found on Freepik. The site hosts thousands of professional designs that are available at no charge.


#18 Adobe Color CC

A great tool for developing your own custom color schemes. Color CC allows you to visualize how your theme comes together rather than picking a preset theme.


#19 Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel brings you the best free fonts for graphic design, handpicked and licensed for commercial use.


#20 VideoPad

VideoPad is a compact and easy to use video editor that features impressive audio tools and complete video optimization.


#21 iPiccy

iPiccy is an online photo editor that gives you numerous image editing tools. Its professional touch-up tools are key to making you look great on screen.


#22 Pexels

A free stock photo library that allows you to search for photos by color to match your brand style.


#23 Aegisub

Aegisub is a free closed captioning software that is capable of supporting and modifying video subtitles, for all your accessibility needs.


#24 Videezy

Videezy has free, high quality stock videos.


#25 Audacity

Professionally edit your audio with this free multitrack editing software.


#26 Clipping Magic

Make backgrounds transparent with ease to give you the professional look you want using Clipping Magic.


#27 Pixabay

Looking for free stock photos? Look no further than Pixabay, which boasts 680,000 stock photos free to use.


#28 Jahshaka

Jahshaka puts the power of Hollywood special effects in your hands. Its video editing capabilities are top of the line.


#29 Freesound

Get sound effects and almost any possible sound you could imagine at this sound sharing site.


#30 Slides Carnival

Simple, yet stunning slideshow themes that demand attention from your audience.


#31 Poll Everywhere

Poll your audience directly within your live webcast and keep them alert and engaged during the presentation.


#32 Render Forest

A resource that has video introductions, slide templates, and logo animations for your media content.


#33 PowToon

Create free animated videos and presentations that will bring a smile to the face of your audience.


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Ben is a third-year university student from Stafford, Connecticut who attends McGill University in Montreal. He appreciates the importance of computer programming but has not been particularly gifted with the skill, as attested to by his recent efforts in an introductory computer science course. Instead, Ben’s interests lie in the fields of linguistics and gender studies, and he currently aspires to stay in Canada post-graduation to work with indigenous languages.